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January 3, 2011

ⓒSilva Erglis 2011

Do you ever get so caught up looking at photographs on the internet that when you finally do take notice you realize you’ve opened between 20-30 tabs in the last hour? I do, All the time! And I feel I have to look at all the photos on all the websites to give the photographers a fair chance before I decide which will make it into my favorites folder. Too often I add them to my favorites without looking them through thoroughly and hope that I will eventually remember to look at them.

The root of these tab sessions usually begins with one innocent article I read on someones blog somewhere on the internet, from there it spirals out of control. Tonight’s session began with A Photo Editors blog where I first found this and then scrolled down further to find this. Now, I have a deep and abiding interest both of these subjects, street photography and Portraiture, so tabs were bound to happen.

Vivian Maier is bound to join the Masters of Photography soon, if not already. Her photographs are a non stop train to an understanding of human nature. With images that are still poignant to today’s society it is a shame she is not with us to see how they have been accepted with such enthusiasm by arts and cultures organizations.

Street photography captures the character of a city and it’s people as a whole while portraiture captures the character of an individual; the 100 Portraits are by a wide variety of photographers on different paths in life but with the same goal in mind: to capture the essence of a single or a group of individuals in their own unique photographic style.

Of the 16 tabs currently open in my browser are these are a few of my favorites I’ve found tonight:

Suzanne Option

Manjari Sharma

Mona Kuhn

Nadine Rovner

Phillip Toledano

Well I hope I’ve introduced you to some new photographers and given you new faces and ideas to ponder.

Enjoy them, I sure did!

ps. Sorry if I babbled…it happens…too often…

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