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Carbs and Ice Cream

January 5, 2011


ⓒSilva Erglis 2011


What is it about being in a funk that makes you want to slip bailey’s and Kaluah into your coffee, lay around in really baggy sweatpants that you’ve had for years, and eat single lady pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Wait, snap out of it! Don’t ask yourself what put you in the funk ask yourself “what can I do to get out of it?”

Right now I’m fighting the funk; I’m getting my mind off the inclement weather and writing, something I love to do. Sure I watched an uber cheesy chick flick, gorged myself on chocolate, pretzels and drank a whole pot of tea but then I turned on some music, read some blog posts from a couple of my favorite photographers, and got a nice big list of tabs going. I can feel my spirit lifting already.

One thing I have noticed, and maybe you have too, is that there are a lot of slightly unhinged artists out there, not only in history but in our day and age too. I mean Van Gogh cut part of his own ear off but we turn a blind eye to his eccentric disposition because he produced such brilliant art. One of the reasons we are gracious enough to overlook these artists tendencies is because seeing a Jackson Pollack painting hung in a gallery up close and personal the textures made from layers and layers of paint are complex and they fill us with wonder and awe; we understand that this was created for a reason and sometimes we have to look closely to pick up the finer details. Even if modern art isn’t your thing, though I do highly recommend seeing it in person before you judge it, there are artists in all the mediums that might inspire you despite what you may or may not know of their mental state.

So what does that all have to do with a funk, well, I believe that as an artist you sometimes thrive off the highs and lows of life for creativity. When we are brought lower in life it is human instinct to climb higher and that is what we do with art when we are in these lows; we push the boundaries more, throw more of our passion into an image, we break away from things that are comfortable. It is powerful stuff. And if used wisely it can create powerful results.

I’ll try not to sound too cliche about this but next time your feeling a little funkified pick up a pen, grab your camera, put pencil to paper, do anything, just do it with passion and draw yourself out of yourself beyond the sadness, or loneliness, or whatever is pinning you down. Creativity is a worldwide cure.

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  1. January 5, 2011 10:27 pm

    Or do like me and Sketch little pictures on the clamshell of your macbook pro while a teacher reads a whole article off DP Review to start things off!

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