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You don’t know until…

January 27, 2011


©Silva Erglis 2011



Wine tasting is a brilliant thing! Not only do you get to enjoy awe-inspiring views of the vineyards while eating some life changing mushroom and truffle oil bisque at eleven in the morning but you get to taste a wide variety of varietals in a short amount of time. The benefits of tasting the different wines and vintages together finally gives you an understanding of what each grape smells and tastes like, what its characteristics are and, most importantly which is your favorite. Apart from giving you a very fancy looking habit of swirling and sniffing any glass you come into contact with this new knowledge of wine helps you to decipher your likes and dislikes and that is pretty darn important.

©Silva Erglis 2011


Life is a never-ending string of likes and dislikes and with all the options and choices we have to make in our day-to-day lives it’s hard not to get daunted by them. With such wide varieties, much like the many types of wine, a lot of us don’t know what we want, or don’t want, until we’ve tried it. I never knew I liked a Zinfandel more than a Petite Syrah or I disliked an unoaked chardonnay much less than an oaked chardonnay until I tried them all. Sure the “try them all” theory shouldn’t be used to judge everything but for some decisions it’s pretty darn useful for wine and even photography.

Have you ever planned everything to a T and then upon execution of that plan found out you knew nothing about what you were doing and you felt totally helpless in trying to figure out a solution because you couldn’t get that stinking idea that you once thought was so brilliant out of your head? I have, all last week, it sucked. I sketched thumbnails, I brainstormed with friends, I searched for inspiration online but then under the pressure of a deadline I remembered: you don’t know you won’t like something unless you try it. I set up on my own and tried lighting my products a little differently, starting from scratch, building things up layer by layer and in the end I loved the final result.

Thanks to a fantastic weekend of wine tasting and a photographic disappointment I can remind myself next time that I never would have gotten great results if I had just settled with an image that I was unhappy with. In my refusal to take an unsatisfying image for an answer I forced myself to problem solve and work things out for the better. So, next time you’re feeling a little lack luster about your work get off your butt and attack it again with full force, testing all your options and angles along the way, for better or for worse.

Ps: If you like wine check out Brunellos Have More Fun and Wine With Christina for some fun reading.


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