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Visual Acoustics

February 18, 2011

Do you ever put your itunes on shuffle and lay down on the floor to let that music really sink in? Isn’t it amazing when we give ourselves time to listen to a song how much more amazing it becomes? When I do this I like to flesh out the lyrics and the melody by adding the visuals that raised in my mind. There are so many inspiring artists in the music world who I owe much of my inspiration to but it would take hours to list them all so here are a few of my go to’s: Imogen Heap , Timber Timbre, Florence + The Machine, Jon and Roy, Sarah Harmer, and many many more.

Here’s a little video I made for a song that I love to listen to when I feel a little low under a grey sky, it actually helps me enjoy the rain, which is essential when you live on the Wet West Coast of Canada!


ps: We’ll talk about that movie called Visual Acoustics too after I get a chance to watch it!

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