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Back to the Future

March 5, 2011

…no, not the movie version!

I know you’ve probably already seen this because it has been going around like crazy but I wanted to talk about it a bit.

Vintage photo’s have to be one of the most beautiful things ever. I love the faded colours and everlasting expressions that they hold. Where I work I am often given the task of scanning old photos, and people are always willing, in fact they usually just start, to tell you a story behind them. It’s like there is magic in the combination of paper, chemicals, and time that turns people into storytellers. Not only do they hold memories for individuals but they bring the past into the future so that we can look and examine it.

Whenever someone comes to me with an old photo of a loved one in their younger days I always wonder what that person’s life was like and what they might have been thinking at the time of the photograph; so, I just want to commend the artist that thought of going back in time, to find the people photographed, and to recreate the past in the present. Not only does it take courage but it takes patience to unearth history and repeat it for art’s sake.

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