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fall back into creativity

October 3, 2011


Well, Hello! Long time no talk…or type actually, because really I’m only talking to myself in my head, unless no one reads this anymore and I’m talking into the internet ether, alone, at midnight…this can probably only get better right?

So, it’s been a while, a very long while, but lately I’ve been feeling the need to sink my teeth into something really creative and enriching again and the red wine chocolate cake was pretty satisfying but didn’t have quite the same effect I was searching for. Maybe I can blame my lack of creative effort on the melting summer heat of July and August, or maybe on the burnout from building a portfolio that put me into a dish washing frenzy last June, or maybe I should just focus on getting back into creative mode. I’m taking a lesson from myself and although I’m not in a grumpy funk, I’m definitely in a creative slump. As I’ve learned in the past writing thoughts out, putting words on paper, and stopping to flesh out ideas that have been idly floating around in my mind is the best way to re-ignite that creative flame.

Every day that passes get’s cooler and cooler outside and the mood is changing in the city. There is less hustle and bustle without the constant stream of tourists that float in on ships much larger than my apartment building and locals are returning to their raincoats and gumboots. I love it. This is the time when you can go for walks that allow for uninterrupted thoughts and nature changes right before your eyes as the leaves fall from the trees. I believe we have summers so that we can long for the autumn that follows and relish in its soft, dulcet beauty.

I can’t attribute this change in attitude all to the change in the weather though; I was perusing a blog earlier this evening and came accross this video that reminded me creativity needs silence from the everyday noise to grow.


So, starting tomorrow, I’m going to take time away from the minute details and technicalities of photoshop that have been sucking up my soul time to stop and think. To create ideas for things to come and improve things from the past. I hope you find some time to do the same thing too.

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